Sunday 15th of December 2019
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It was a free period.

Tara was helping Savani with her maths.

Savani is the new girl in class.

She joined a few months ago.

Most girls found the new maths lesson tough.

Vishvi another classmate approached Tara

“Tara I too need help with maths” she told Tara.

“Sure, once I finish work with Savani” Tara replied.

Vishvi returned to her seat.

After sometime the bell rang for the next period.

Tara went back to her seat.

As she was going past Vishvi she heard her voice.

“You spent too much time with Savani” Vishvi told Tara.

“That’s why you did not have time for me” she complained.

Tara was a little hurt.

Tara’s friend Anjula heard this.

“Tara is not under obligation to help you” Anjula argued.

Vishvi looked down.

“I will help you during the interval” Tara promised Vishvi.

Vishvi looked at Tara with a smile.

“Thank you” she said softly.



What was Tara doing during the free period?

What did Anjula tell Vishvi?

Why did Vishvi thank Tara?