Sunday 8th of December 2019
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Tarun was at Nipun’s house.

All of a sudden Nipun got up from the seat.

“Monkeys have come” he informed Tarun.

Both boys ran to the door.

Two big monkeys were there on the mango tree.

 “We won’t be able to eat mangoes this time” Nipun said.

However Tarun felt sorry for the apes.

“Let them eat” Tarun requested.

“Only for two more minutes” Nipun said.

“After that I am going to chase them away” Nipun vowed.

After a couple of minutes Nipun went under the tree.

He picked up a stone and aimed it at the monkey on the lower branch.

The stone hit the monkey.

Monkey hurled a half-eaten mango at Nipun.

It hit hard on Nipun’s shoulder.

Nipun was stunned.

Tarun burst into laughter.

Nipun too started laughing aloud.

 “That’s tit for tat” Tarun told Nipun.

“You should not have hurt the fellow” he added.

Nipun agreed.

“A smart fellow, that one” Nipun said smiling.


What was Tarun’s request?

What did the monkey do when he was hit at with a stone?

What did Nipun say about that monkey afterwards?