Sunday 10th of November 2019
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Natasha visited Tara.

Natasha is Tara’s neighbour.

Tara wanted to show the rose buds to Natasha.

There were red, yellow and white rose buds.

Natasha got excited.

 “Oh Tara these are so beautiful” she said.

Natasha went round and round the plants.

“The red ones are the most beautiful” she declared.

Tara objected.

“Oh no, the reds are the most beautiful” she argued.

“Nooo…the yellow” Natasha countered.

Tara’s mother was in the veranda.

 “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” she told the girls.

Tara and Natasha could not understand mother.

“Beauty differs from person to person” mother explained.

“There’s no need for both to have the same flower as the favourite” she added.

Tara started thinking.

“Does that mean we both are right?” Tara asked.

Mother nodded her head.

Tara and Natasha looked at each other grinning.



What did Tara want to do when Natasha visited her?

Which rose buds did Natasha find the most beautiful?

What did the two friends do when mother nodded her head?