Sunday 3rd November 2019


The sky was getting darker and darker.

It started drizzling.

Tarun started running.

There was about 1 km to home from the class.

He hoped he could make it before the rain.

Suddenly a car that went passed him stopped.

Tarun ignored it and continued to run.

The driver started tooting the horn.

Tarun turned to look who it was.

It was Radith’s father.

Radith lives close to Tarun’s house.

However he is not liked by other boys.

Tarun got into the car.

“Thank you uncle” Tarun said.

“Radith has told me about you” Radith’s father told Tarun.

Tarun was wondering what Radith would have said.

Radith does not get on well with Tarun either.

He often ridicules Tarun at the cricket ground.

“Radith says you are the best bowler in the lane” Tarun’s father said.

Tarun was so surprised.

He felt sorry for Radith.

May be Radith is not as bad as I thought, Tarun thought.



Why did Tarun start running?

What had Radith told his father about Tarun?

What did Tarun think after hearing that?