River water

Sunday 13th of October 2019
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Aditya is a classmate of Tarun.

One day Tarun saw him looking a little disturbed.

“Any issue Adi?” Tarun asked.

Aditya started explaining the reason behind his worry.

Aditya’s grandparents live in Biyagama.

Two years ago their house was partly submerged  by the waters of the Kelani River.

However by then Aditya’s parents had already shifted them to Colombo.

The grandparents don’t like leaving their ancestral home.

Even Aditya loves their big garden.

 “The water level of the Kelani River is rising again” Aditya informed.

Tarun too had heard about that.

It had been raining for nearly one week.

Aditya’s parents had gone to Biyagama the day before.

However the grandparents had refused to come.

“They have said that the water level is still low” Aditya explained.

Tarun had heard that the Government had planned to divert water for the Kelani River.

The plan had been to create two reservoirs near the river.

That was to control the river overflowing and also to supply drinking water to Colombo.

However the plan was abandoned due to public protests.

The people had refused to give land to build reservoirs.

Tarun wished people were more considerate.

Then the regular flooding along the river could have been prevented.



What made Aditya worry?

What had the government planned to prevent overflowing of Kelani River?

Why was the plan abandoned?