Sunday 6th October 2019


It was a beautiful late afternoon.

Tara and her mother were walking down the lane.

They were taking a bend in the road.

All of a sudden they heard loud barking.

Then a pup ran towards them.

It was followed by two big stray dogs.

The beautiful pup was running for its life.

It came and hid behind Tara and her mother.

The stray dogs tried to catch it.

Mother picked up the pup.

Along with Tara she shooed away the big dogs.

The pup was shivering.

“You are ok darling” mother tried to console the pup.

Tara stroked its head.

“He must have escaped from its house” mother guessed.

About a minute later a boy came running.

“Micky Micky” he shouted.

The pup tried to jump out of mother’s hands.

Mother kept it down.

It ran towards its owner.

Tara and mother were so happy that they had saved the pup.



When did Tara and mother hear the barking?

What did the pup do after running for life?

Why were Tara and her mother happy?