Vega’s worry

Wednesday 2nd of October 2019
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Vega, the pony boy was sulking the whole day.

He had heard about the toy car accident.

Vega was secretly happy about it.

After all there was no way of him taking a ride in the toy car.

He is too big for that.

“What’s wrong with you Vega?” his mother asked.

“No one is there to play with me” he grumbled.

Mother felt sorry for his little son.

She started reading a story from a book to him.

Vega was hardly interested.

After some time there was a knock on the door.

Mother opened the door.

“Vega your friends are here” mother called out.

Vega ran towards the door.

How happy he was to see Charlie and Willy.

“Let’s go to the ground” Willy invited Vega.

 “Mama I am leaving” a jubilant Vega shouted jumping out of the house.

“I was so bored” he confessed to Willy and Charlie.

“Where is the toy car?” Vega asked the two friends

“Curly is riding it with Sweety” Charlie replied.

Vega was surprised.

However he was so glad that his friends had lost interest in it.