Birthday surprise!

Sunday 29th September 2019

Birthday NEW NEW

Everything was done in secret.

Tara was so excited.

Tarun brought the bags to his room.

There were crepe streamers and balloons.

There was also a cake.

Mother did not suspect anything.

It was very usual for Tarun to go grocery shopping with father on Sunday.

Mother collected the vegetable bags from father.

The next day was mother’s birthday.

Tarun, Tara and father had planned everything.

Tarun was to decorate the home once others went to sleep.

He also had to put the cake in the fridge.

Father woke up Tara on Monday morning.

Tara saw the decorations when she came out of the room.

“Happy birthday Amma” Tara ran to mother and gave her a hug.

Tarun had decorated the home beautifully.

The cake with candles was on the table.

Mother was really touched by the surprise.

Tara rushed to the bathroom to have a body wash.

Once everyone got ready mother cut the cake.

Tara was so happy that they could observe that it was a surprise.

She always felt that mother deserved the best of everything.


Why didn’t mother suspect anything?

What was Tarun supposed to do when the others went to sleep?

Why was Tara happy?