Back with car

Wednesday 25th of September 2019
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Willy drove sweety to Rabbit’s house.

It was a promise he made to his sister.

However their parents got them to make a promise.

The car was to be driven only up to rabbit’s house.

Both Willy and Sweety agreed.

When Curly saw the car she was overjoyed.

She too got in.

Willy drove both the girls around the rabbit’s compound.

Curly was looking at the steering wheel.

She thought driving was easy.

“Willy shall I try driving the car” she pleaded with Willy.

“I think I can manage” she said.

Willy gave her the steering wheel reluctantly.

Curly sat comfortably on the chair.

She started driving slowly.

Willy was surprised.

Curly was driving well.

“Oh Curly you are a star” Sweety shouted in joy.

Curly increased the speed, but still drove safely.

Willy got off the car.

“I think you can manage this alone” he told Curly.

“I will check where Charlie is” he added.