At the doctor’s

Wednesday 11th of September 2019


The group reached Dr. Berry’s house.

The toy car was also there.

Its front had got scraped.

Chubby had a bandage around one knee.

Deer Mama Cutie ran to Chubby.

“Are you ok dear?” she asked.

Chubby smiled.

“He should be ok” Dr Berry told Chubby’s parents.

“He has just bruised his knee” he added.

Everyone was relieved.

“How did this happen?” Papa Rabbit asked Charlie.

Charlie looked at Willy.

“We were driving safely down the slope” Willy started explaining.

“Then three of my cousins jumped into the car” he continued.

Papa Rabbit and Chubby’s parents were shocked.

“That means there were six boys on board” Papa Rabbit figured.

“They came from nowhere, we did not invite them” Willy explained.

“After that I lost control of the car since it was the slope” Chubby said.

 “I jumped out” Charlie confessed.

“I too and so did my cousins” Willy too informed meekly.

“I too tried to but could not get my legs out” Chubby explained.

“The car skidded and hit a tree” he concluded.