Wednesday 4th of September 2019
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Papa Rabbit went to the meadow.

There was no sign of children there too.

“Where have they gone?” he wondered.

He returned to the ground.

Just then he heard footsteps.

Papa Deer and his wife Cutie were running at a rate.

The Blue Bird Mike was flying ahead of them.

They all had troubled looks on their faces.

Papa Rabbit became nervous.

“Something had gone wrong” he figured.

He ran towards them.

Blue Bird saw him first.

“Accident, Accident” he screeched.

Papa Rabbit caught up with the deer.

“Where are the boys?” he asked Papa Deer.

“At Doctor Berry’s, we are going there” Papa Deer replied.

Big squirrel Doctor Berry is the village physician.

Mama Deer Cutie was crying.

“How are the boys?” an agitated Papa Rabbit inquired.

“Chubby is hurt, not the others” Papa Deer said hurrying.

Papa Rabbit heaved a sigh of relief.

However he was worried about Chubby.