The music

Wednesday 14th of August 2019
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Charlie was so anxious.

Papa Rabbit didn’t allow the package to be opened.

He gave orders only to open it at home.

As they reached home the excitement mounted.

Charlie removed the gum tape quickly.

Curly jumped up in joy.

There were two badminton rackets and two shuttlecocks.

Charlie was a little disappointed.

Mama Rabbit tried to cheer him up.

“Come-on Charlie, this is good” she said.

Charlie tried to smile.

He wondered what Willy would have got.

“Let’s play badminton in the afternoon” Curly suggested.

Charlie didn’t say anything.

After some time the family had tea.

While having tea they heard some music.

“What’s that?” everyone wondered.

Charlie ran to the window.

He could not believe his eyes.

Chubby was driving a big toy car.

Willy was seated next to him.

“Willy’s gift” an excited Charlie figured it.