The Gifts

Wednesday 7th of August 2019
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Everyone gathered at school ground.

The van was expected at 3pm.

It was carrying gifts for Willy and Charlie.

“Must be very big gifts” Chubby told Willy.

Willy could not figure what it could be.

Charlie too was clueless.

The van arrived around 3.30 pm.

There was much excitement.

An officer got off from the van.

He spoke to the crowd.

“There are  so many good children in this village” he said.

“So we thought of gifting a library to the school” he added.

Everyone except Willy and Charlie clapped.

The officer continued to talk.

“However there are two special gifts” he announced.

Next he went into the van.

He returned with a big long package.

The officer could hardly carry it.

“This is for Willy” he said.

Willy and his parents accepted it.

The officer gave a smaller still long package to Charlie.

Everyone was waiting to see what the gifts were.