Sunday 14th of July 2019
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The bell rang.

It was the science period.

The teacher was expected at any moment.

Shaluka came to the front row to talk to Savan.

He was drinking water from a bottle while talking.

Some water dripped and fell on Aditya’s science book.

Aditya started worrying.

Tarun offered his handkerchief to Aditya to dry the pages.

“See what you did” Savan too told Shaluka.

“But I did not do that intentionally” Shaluka argued.

“Still the book is spoiled, thanks to you” Savan pointed out.

Shaluka felt bad, but remained quiet.

Tarun turned to Shaluka.

“Shaluka at least have the courtesy to apologise” Tarun told him.

Shaluka looked a little embarrassed.

Still he picked up courage.

“I am so sorry” he pleaded with Aditya.

Aditya smiled a little.

“Never forget to apologise” Savan insisted.

Later Shaluka too helped Aditya to dry the pages.



What was Shaluka doing while he was talking to Savan?

What did Tarun do to help Aditya?

What made Aditya smile a little?