Trip to Sinharaja

Sunday 16th of June 2019
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Tarun was very happy.

It was his third trip to Sinharaja forest.

The first one was with his family.

He made the second trip as a junior scout two years ago.

This time he went there as a senior scout.

The trip was for the junior scouts.

However the scout master asked Tarun to join them.

He wanted Tarun to help him.

Tarun was thrilled with his responsibility.

Later in the afternoon Tarun took the scouts to the pool.

It was a forest pool fed by a small water fall.

They were to bathe there.

Tarun gave instructions to the young scouts.

“There are some rocks at the bottom on the left side” he warned.

“So keep to the right side” he advised.

“Those who can’t swim join me” Tarun told them.

A few young scouts started swimming on the right side of the pool.

Those who could not swim waited for Tarun.

Tarun took them to the shallow waters.

The boys really enjoyed the water.

Tarun started swimming between the two groups.

He was happy that he could help the young scouts.


When did Tarun make his second trip to Sinhara forest?

Why did he ask the scouts to keep to the right side of the pool?

Why was he happy?