Back in school

Sunday 19th of May 2019
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School recommenced after the holidays.

Tara walked into the classroom.

Her friend Anjula warmly greeted her.

“Hello Tara”

“Oh Anjula, your hair has grown” Tara observed.

Anjula was wearing a pony tail.

“Yes” Anjula replied shyly.

About five minutes later Amanda walked in.

She had a bandage on her knee.

“What happened?” both Tara and Anjula inquired.

Amanda sat on a chair with some difficulty.

“I had a fall, my knee was injured” Amanda said.

Tara and Anjula felt sorry for their friend.

“Our Micky tried to catch a squirrel” Amanda informed.

Micky is Amanda’s pet cat.

“I fell when attempting to stop her” Amanda added.

 “Did Micky catch the squirrel?” a curious Anjula asked.

“The squirrel ran away with my fall” Amanda explained.

“So I felt better even though my knee hurt” she said smiling.

Tara felt proud of her friend.

‘Amanda you are a good girl’, Tara told her friend.

“Yes you cared more about the squirrel than your injury” Anjula joined her.



Why had Amanda bandaged her knee?

What did Micky, her pet cat try to do?

What did Anjula finally say about Amanda?