Shadow’s paw

Sunday 10th of March 2019
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Tara waited for her father.

He took Shadow to the vet.

Shadow had a wound on the front paw.

Finally they arrived.

Shadow wagged his tail meekly when he saw Tara.

“The paw was infected. He had fever” father explained.

“We need to dress the wound every other day” he added.

“I will do that” Tara volunteered.

“You help me, I will do it Tara” mother told her.

Tara was a little disappointed.

Father stroked Tara’s head.

“Yes you help Amma” he said.

“Shadow knows Amma can be strict” he reminded.

Then Tara remembered.

Yes Shadow ran away when Tara tried to put medicine.

However he obeyed Amma.

“You should have seen Shadow at the vet” father said.

“He was walking backwards there” he said laughing.

“Why?” Tara asked.

“He is scared of injections” mother reminded her.

Oh yes, Tara too remembered.

 “Even the little dogs there were braver” father added.

“I had to run around the clinic to catch Shadow” he said.

Tara laughed.

She could picture father running behind Shadow.



Why did father take Shadow to the vet?

Why was Tara disappointed?

Why was shadow walking backwards at the vet’s clinic?