Long jumping

Sunday 10th of February 2019
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Tara loves sports.

However she is a little shy.

Her friend Anjula is good at long jump.

They are both  in the same house.

Selections for this year’s sports meet were on.

Anjula spoke to Tara.

“Come and practice long jump with me” she said.

“But I am not tall enough for that” Tara explained.

“I have seen you long jump for fun” Anjula reminded.

“You are good at it” she informed Tara.

Tara felt better.

During the interval she joined Anjula in practices.

The seniors in the house helped them both.

Tara practiced every time she got some spare time.

She practiced even at home.

Tara became good at high jump as a result.

The day for selections arrived.

Tara performed even better than Anjula.

Both were selected to represent the house.

“Thank you so much Anjula” Tara thanked her friend.

“It’s because of you that I got selected” she added.

Anjula smiled broadly.



What did Tara say when Anjula asked her to practice long jumping?

Who helped Tara and Anjula during practices?

What did Tara say after thanking Anjula?