Kind words

Sunday 3rd of February 2019
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Tara was miffed.

“Aiya…Aiya” she called her brother.

 “Why…?”, Tarun answered from his room.

“You have spilled water on the kitchen floor” Tara protested loudly.

Tarun took some water from the dispenser a minute ago.

Tara was in the pantry then.

Tarun did not respond to Tara.

Tara came to Tarun’s room.

“You better mop the floor” she said firmly.

Tarun found her angry look funny.

He wanted to tease his little sister.

“Now what did you promise Natasha’s grandmother?” he inquired.

Tara had told everyone at home what she promised.

She promised Natasha’s grandmother to always use kind words.

Tara was ashamed.

She knew she was not speaking kindly to her brother.

“I did not spill water deliberately” a smiling Tarun reminded Tara.

She was embarrassed.

She flashed a sheepish smile while looking at her brother.

She and ran out of Tarun’s room shouting aloud saying “I am sorry”.

Afterwards she went to the tool room an took out the mop.

She was planning to dry up the spilled water.

As then Tarun came.

“Give me that”

He took the mop from her and mopped up the water.

A smiling Tara watched a smiling Tarun wiping the floor.