Natasha’s grandmother

Sunday 27th of January 2019
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Tara was at Natasha’s, her neighbour.

Natasha’s grandmother had come.

Every day grandmother would relate a story to Natasha and Tara.

All her stories offer a moral lesson.

They are about kindness, generosity and good manners.

Of the stories Tara liked the one about the bull the most.

The story was about a bull which pulled hundred carts.

When the bull owner called it harshly the bull refused to pull.

When the owner spoke to him kindly the bull pulled hundred carts.

One day grandmother broke a sad news.

‘Next week I am returning to the village” she told Natasha and Tara.

Both girls were so disappointed.

‘Now be good girls, don’t sulk” she told the girls kindly.

“I will be back soon” she assured.

“Till I return you two can do something” she said.

Both Tara and Natasha looked at grandmother with curiosity.

“What is the lesson you learned from the bull story?” asked grandmother.

“The importance of using kind words” Tara replied.

“Till I return make sure you speak only kind words” grandmother said smiling.

Both girls promised grandmother to do so.


What would Natasha’s grandmother do every day?

What was the sad news that grandmother broke?

What was the lesson that the story about the bull present?