The laugh

Wednesday 2nd of January 2019


Charlie figured Vega’s discomfit.

“Let’s return to the ground” he suggested.

“Vega’s mother will look for him otherwise” he added.

So everyone headed back towards the ground.

Chubby was limping a bit.

The fall had slightly sprained his leg.

Vega felt very bad about it.

 “I am so sorry” he apologised to Chubby softly.

“It’s ok. Mama will apply some ointment” Chubby said.

After a while they reached the ground.

“Now tell us why you started running” Chubby asked Vega again.

Vega was searching for words.

“I heard a big noise” he said looking down.

“The noise, how come we did not hear it?” Charlie inquired.

“From where did the noise come from?” Chubby asked.

Vega could not answer that.

 “I was fast asleep under that a tree” Vega said pointing at the tree.

Everyone slowly walked towards the tree.

Then they saw the fallen dead branch.

“Oh Vega, you had got frightened for this?” Chubby explained.

Vega looked at the branch with wide eyes.

At first he was embarrassed.

However he also found it quite humorous.

He looked at the others and laughed sweetly.

Then everyone laughed loud.