A mad run

Wednesday 26th of December 2018


Vega was running across the ground.

He was running at neck-breaking speed.

Stunned, the boys looked at him.

Vega was running towards the valley.

“Vega stop, stop” Charlie shouted.

Vega, the baby pony did not stop.

Charlie started chasing after Vega.

After all it was he who asked Vega to come.

So he was responsible if something happened.

Chubby and the others too started running behind Vega.

Charlie was worried that he would lose sight of Vega.

“What would I tell Vega’s mother” he thought.

Chubby the deer boy was faster than others.

He got closer to Vega.

“Stop Vega stop” Chubby yelled at Vega.

Vega would not stop.

Charlie overtook Vega and blocked his way.

Vega could not control his speed to a stop.

He stumbled on Chubby.

Chubby and Vega went rolling down the ground.

The others ran towards them.

Some helped Chubby while the others helped Vega to get up.

There were no injuries.

After all they had rolled on the grass land.

However Vega was still in a state of confusion.

“Were you off your head to run like that?” Chubby asked.

Vega kept staring at Chubby.