Vega stunned

Wednesday 19th of December 2018


It was a bright late afternoon.

Vega was dropped at the ground by Mama.

Vega had promised Charlie he would come there.

Mama was happy to bring Vega there.

She was glad that he was getting over his shyness.

After dropping him there Mama returned home.

“Would you join us in the game” Charlie asked Vega.

Vega shook his head shyly.

No, he is still too shy.

Willy who plays pranks was also not there that day.

Vega was disappointed.

He watched the match for some time.

After a while he got bored.

Vega looked around.

Behind him was a big tree.

He slowly walked towards that and sat under it.

A cool breeze was sweeping across the ground.

Veg’s eyes slowly began to shut.

A little later a dry branch broke off from the tree.

It fell a few feet away from Vega with a big noise.

Vega woke up stunned.

His whole body started shivering.

“Mama……” he cried loud.

Then he ran for life.