The Swing

Wednesday 21st of November 2018


It was a dream come true for Curly.

Her father made a swing for her.

It was tied to an oak tree in the garden.

Curly sent a message to her friend Sweety, the monkey girl.

Sweety came running to the Rabbit compound.

The two girls had fun taking turns in the swing.

They were glad that there brothers were not around.

After about an hour they heard the boys’ voices.

Charlie and Willy were returning after a cricket match.

By then Sweety was on the swing.

When Willy saw her sister on the swing he too jumped on to it.

 “Oh Willy get down” Sweety ordered.

However Willy was in a mood for fun.

He stood up on the swing.

Then he started swinging with all his might.

The swing went very high with the brother and sister.

It almost touched the roof of the rabbit cottage.

“Stop Willy stop” a frightened Sweety yelled.

Even Charlie and Curly were scared.

“Willy, stop it” Charlie shouted.

However Willy would not stop.

He was laughing aloud and enjoying the ride.

“Let’s stop this somehow” Curly suggested to her brother.

When the swing came down next time, Charlie and Curly grabbed the rope.