Fox family in distress

Wednesday 14th of November 2018


Karl the fox was in distress.

All his three cubs were down with fever.

The second one was really bad.

The village doctor Dr. Berry the squirrel saw the cubs.

“Take them all to the hospital” Dr Berry told Karl.

The hospital is in the next village across the river.

Due to the heavy rain the ferry wasn’t operating.

The rain ceased for a while after Dr Berry had left.

A desperate Karl ran to meet Papa Rabbit.

Papa Deer was also in the grocery.

Karl told his problem to them.

Papa Rabbit and Papa Deer consoled Karl.

The two friends said they would organise the ferry.

They asked Karl to ready the cubs.

Papa Rabbit and Papa Deer informed villagers about the emergency.

Everyone rushed to the river.

The ferry was organised in no time.

The water was gushing.

Eight villagers boarded the ferry to row it.

New villager Pony Papa stepped into the water to hold the ferry.

Karl and his wife boarded the ferry with the three children.

The cubs were wrapped in blankets.

The ferry set off slowly.

Papa pony went half way in the water helping the rowing men.

He stopped when the water was too deep.

With some difficulty the ferry reached the other shore.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Those who rowed the ferry went with Karl and family to hospital.