Vega and Willy

Wednesday 7th of November 2018


Vega stood under the shade of an elm tree.

The boys kept staring at him.

Vega became very self-conscious.

Charlie figured his discomfiture. 

“Come on, let’s start the game” he told the others.

So the game was restarted.

Vega watched the players with curiosity.

He was very impressed with Willy, the monkey boy.

Willy was fielding close to Vega.

Willy was very fast in catching the ball.

Once the ball flew towards Vega.

Vega feared that it would hit him.

He bent his long neck.

Suddenly he felt a quick movement on his back.

Willy had jumped on Vega’s back and caught the ball.

“Out, Out” Willy yelled jumping off Vega’s back.

Everyone laughed aloud.

“Sorry that I got on your back” Willy apologised to Vega.

However Vega was not angry.

He found the whole situation funny.

He laughed aloud.

Willy too laughed along with him.

Then all the boys started laughing again.