Vega the pony

Wednesday 31st of October 2018


Vega became a big sensation in the village.

Everyone was trying to catch a glimpse of him.

It started raining heavily a few days after the family arrived .

It rained for four days, ending a mini drought.

Soon all kinds of stories were being told.

Many villagers said that the little white pony had brought luck to village.

Vega was very conscious about all the attention.

He did not want to step out of the house.

One day his mother Daisy wanted to visit the fox house.

Vega would not remain at home without Mama.

So he accompanied her.

As they crossed the meadow they heard loud shouts.

The boys in the village were playing cricket.

The game was stopped and the boys kept staring at Vega.

Charlie was among the boys.

He walked towards Vega and Daisy.

Charlie felt proud that he knew the pony family.

“Would you like to join us Vega?” he asked the little pony.

Vega smiled shyly.

“If you want you can wait and watch the game” Mama Daisy informed Vega.

“I will be back in five minutes” she told her son.

Vega could not make up his mind.

He kept staring at Charlie with big eyes.

“Just watch us play” Charlie suggested.

Vega felt that Charlie was a good boy.

He agreed to stay half-heartedly.