Guilty conscience

Wednesday 10th of October 2018


The whole house was very quiet.

Papa Deer had just returned home.

He went to meet the bees.

Papa compensated the bees and apologised for Chubby’s behaviour.

Papa was angry with Chubby.

Mama deer made him a cup of tea.

Papa did not even touch his mug of tea.

He was so angry.

Mama did not know what to do.

She saw Grandma deer and Grandpa deer sulking in their room.

Chubby has disappointed with all of them.

Mama walked up to Chubby’s room.

She opened the door a little.

Chubby was lying on the bed.

His whole body was swollen.

Grandpa deer had applied an ointment on the swellings.

Chubby was in pain.

Mama felt so sorry for him.

She stroked Chubby’s head.

Tears poured down from Chubby’s eyes.

“I will not do anything bad again Mama” Chubby promised.

Mama did not respond.

She kept on stroking Chubby’s head.