Importance of discipline

Sunday 7th of October 2018


Avinash is a scout friend of Tarun.

He is in class E.

Tarun wanted to discuss a scout event with him.

So during the interval he went to meet Avinash.

Avinash’s class was right at the end of the floor.

As Tarun got closer to the class he heard a loud din.

When he entered he was surprised by what he saw.

Some boys were throwing bread crumbs at each other.

Others were throwing paper balls at each other.

They were hooting and laughing loud.

Avinash was at his desk.

He walked up to Tarun when he saw him.

“I came to discuss Monday’s event” Tarun told Avinash.

However the noise was such Avinash did not hear what he said.

So they both walked out of the class.

“Let’s go to my class” Tarun suggested.

Avinash readily agreed.

There was very little noise in Tarun’s class when they entered.

Some students had gone to the playground.

The others were having their food.

Although some were talking they did not speak very loud.

“You are so lucky to have such disciplined classmates” Avinash whispered to Tarun.

Tarun smiled.

It had never struck him before.

However after his visit to Avinash’s class he realised it.

It was obvious how disciplined his own classmates were.

Tarun was indeed glad.



What did Tarun want to discuss with Avinash?

What did the boys in Avinash’s class throw at each other?

What did Tarun realise after his visit to Avinash’s class?