The great escape!

Wednesday 26th of September 2018


Chubby was running for his life.

The bees were all over his body.

Chubby never thought that the bees would land on him.

He was in great pain.

Still Chubby ran towards home as fast as he could.

He started screaming when he saw his home.

“Ma…… ma…. ma…”

Mama deer and Cutie came out of the house.

At first she could not figure why Chubby was screaming.

However, when he got closer, she figured it out.

Before Cutie could help him Chubby ran into his room.

He locked the door behind him.

However, after a few seconds, he opened it.

He bees had entered his room too.

Chubby got out of the house and started running again.

Cutie pulled the tablecloth and ran behind Chubby.

“Chubby stop running, let me cover you with this” she shouted.

However Chubby did not stop.

He ran all around the garden.

Mama Cutie ran behind him with the tablecloth.

Suddenly Chubby spotted the pond in the garden.

He ran and jumped into it.