Honeycomb shock!

Wednesday 19th of September 2018


Chubby thought it wasn’t fair.

He had been hiding behind a shrub for two hours.

The bees were still hanging on to the honeycomb.

He heard about the honeycomb from Papa.

However Papa didn’t tell him.

Chubby overheard Papa telling it to Mama.

That was in the morning.

Around noon Chubby quietly walked into the meadow.

The bees weren’t leaving the honeycomb.

“How to chase off the bees” he wondered.

Chubby took a small rock and aimed at the honey comb.

The rock flew too far away from it.

Same thing happened to the second rock as well.

Chubby got up.

He picked a larger rock and took aim.


It hit the bottom of the comb.

The swarm of bees left the comb at once.

Chubby was so happy.

He kept standing and staring at the honeycomb.

What happened next was quite unexpected.

The bees made a beeline towards Chubby.

They started stinging him.

Chubby started running.

The bees continued to follow him while stinging him.