Value of garlic

Wednesday 12th of September 2018

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Deer Mama Cutie was visiting Rabbit Mama.

Rabbit Mama had a problem.

Her rose plantation had come under a fungal attack.

The leaves were curling up.

Rabbit Mama was so upset.

The Rose bus people were expected the following month.

They were to buy the roses from the villagers.

Rabbit Mama was expecting a substantial income from her plants.

Deer Mama Cutie is the best gardener in the village.

Cutie inspected the plants.

“Don’t worry, you can save the plants” she assured Rabbit Mama.

“Is that so?” a relieved Mama heaved a sigh of relief.

“Yes all you need is some garlic pods” Deer Mama Cutie said.

“Just plant them near the roots of all sick plants” she added.

About three days passed.

Rabbit Mama started seeing results of the experiment.

The curled up leaves started opening up.

How happy Rabbit Mama was.

After a week there was not even sign of the fungal attack.

Mama Rabbit baked a big date cake.

She put it in a basket and headed towards the deer home.