First aid kit

Wednesday 29th of August 2018


Charlie returned from school.

“Mama I want a first aid kit” she told his mother.

Mama Rabbit smiled.

“We learned about first aid in school today” Charlie told her.

“Officers from Red Cross did a presentation” he added.

“Good” mother replied.

Charlie changed his clothes and had a body wash.

Then he joined others at lunch.

Papa, Mama and his sister Curly were there.

Mama had told them about Charlie’s request for a first aid kit.

“So what are you going to have in the kit?” Papa asked.

“Lot of things” Charlie said sounding very important.

“Bandage, gauze, plasters, a pair of scissors…” he rattled away speaking about the items.

“How about paracetamol?’ Mama asked.

“Yes and also antiseptic liquid, sticky tape” Charlie added.

“Distilled water to clean wounds” Curly joined in.

“Yes and a thermometer” Papa reminded them.

The four of them continued with the discussion till lunch concluded.

After lunch Mama gave Charlie a box for the items.

Charlie opened it.

Mama had already put paracetamol, a pair of scissors and plasters there.

Charlie thanked Mama.

“I am going to town the day after” Papa informed Charlie.

“I will get a thermometer, bandage and gauze from there” he said.

“Thank you Papa” Charlie responded.

“You can add the rest little by little” Mama explained.

Charlie was elated.

He waited impatiently till the next day.

He wanted to tell his friends about the progress of his first aid kit.