Good news!

Wednesday 22nd of August 2018


Elvis was beaming.

Papa Deer came out of the grocery.

“It seems like he is bringing good news” he told the others.

Papa Rabbit and Karl the fox too came out.

Elvis almost ran towards them when he saw them.

He hugged all three of them.

“What happened” Papa Deer asked smiling.

Elvis was panting.

“Come in and take a seat first” Papa Rabbit led him into the grocery.

“You must be tired” he added.

Elvis sat down.

He took a few breaths and started talking.

“Government people visited the village yesterday” he said.

“They put up boards all over the village” he added.

“Saying what” a curious Karl inquired.

“Saying anyone who blasts or breaks rocks there will be arrested” Elvis said jubilantly.

Papa Rabbit, Papa Deer and Karl were overjoyed.

Karl raised both his arms and cheered “Yipeeeee”.

Papa Deer gave Elvis a hug.

“This is great news Elvis” he said.

Elvis looked at Papa Deer and the others with a great sense of gratitude.

“It’s all because of your hard work” he said softly.

Papa Rabbit put his arm around Elvis.

“Elvis we should celebrate this” Papa Rabbit declared.

“Come let’s go to my house” Papa Rabbit invited Elvis and the others.

Everyone followed Papa Rabbit to his house.

“I left early morning” Elvis kept on talking on the way.

“I could not wait to share the news with you” he told the friends.