Visiting Rocky Ridge village

Wednesday 1st of August 2018


Papa deer was stunned.

It’s not every day he sees such beautiful scenery.

Dozens of streams spring from the big rocks.

They fall down and flow across the valley.

The valley is where the village of Rocky Ridge farm is situated.

It’s surrounded by rocky mountains from almost all sides.

“This is like a paradise” he told the others.

They said the same.

Papa deer and seven others came to see Elvis’ village.

“Elvis you are so lucky to live in a place like this” all complimented Elvis.

However Elvis was worried.

“I don’t know for how long we can live here” he said.

“If those people blast the rocks we have to leave” Elvis reminded.

“All the waters from the mountains will flood the valley” he added sadly.

Papa deer put his arm around Elvis.

“Don’t worry. That will not happen” he assured.

“We will bring this to the attention of the government” he proposed.

“We should be able to rally more people to support you” Papa deer told Elvis.

Others too pacified Elvis.

He felt better.

As then he saw a group of villagers a little further.

They were staring at Papa deer and the others.

“Our people must be wondering who you are” Elvis informed.

“Let me introduce you to them” he said cheerfully.

“Yes please do” Papa deer too told him.

“That will give hope to them” he said.

Everyone hurriedly walked towards the villagers.