Helping Elvis

Wednesday 25th of July 2018


All the men in the village gathered together.

They met in front of Papa rabbit’s grocery.

They were there to discuss the situation in Rocky Ridge village.

Elvis the villager from there briefed the gathering.

Everyone was disturbed by what they heard.

Papa Rabbit spoke next.

“The rock blasting should be stopped somehow” he said.

“Of course, of course” others too fully agreed.

“First the government should be informed about this” Papa Deer suggested.

“That’s right” Papa Rabbit too agreed.

“However first of all we should visit the village” he added.

Elvis was happy.

“Please do. That will give courage to our villagers” he said gratefully.

“Right now everyone is in low spirits” he explained.

“When can we go there?” Karl, the fox asked.

“Let’s go there tomorrow itself” Papa deer said.

“I am ready to go tomorrow” he informed.

Then he looked around.

“Who else is coming?” he asked.

“Can’t we go the day after?” asked Papa rabbit.

“The grocery van is coming tomorrow” he reminded.

“Don’t worry, you stay then” Papa deer told his friend.

“Otherwise the whole village will go without provisions” he pointed out.

A couple of others too had work.

Finally a group of about eight agreed to go with Papa deer and Elvis.

Elvis was overjoyed.

“I have no words to thank you” he said looking at everyone.

Papa Rabbit turned towards Elvis.

“Elvis, you should stay at my place tonight” he proposed.

“You are not fit enough to walk back to village today” he explained.

“Yes its already getting dark” Karl too pointed out.

“Thank you so much for the offer” Elvis thanked Papa Rabbit.

“We will gather here at 7 am tomorrow for the trip” Papa deer informed.

“Yes it’s better to leave early” Elvis said.

 “It takes about three hours to get there” he added.