Wednesday 11th of July 2018


Charlie quickly slowed down the swing.

He tip toed towards the shrubbery.

Yes someone was there for sure.

However the person was not moving.

He got closer.

It was then only that he noticed that the person was lying down.

It was a rabbit.

An elderly one.

“Who is this?” Charlie wondered.

He could hear the person snoring.

Charlie wondered whether he should wake him up.

However he quickly decided against it.

“Must tell Papa to wake him up” thought Charlie.

After all Papa’s grocery is just a few metres away.

Charlie hastened towards grocery.

He broke the news to Papa.

Papa Rabbit twitched his long ears.

“Who could that be?” he asked himself.

After that he quickly followed Charlie to the shrubbery.

Papa had a careful look at the stranger first.

The stranger looked very frail and thin.

Papa shook his shoulders.

The rabbit opened his eyes and stared at Papa.

“Who are you?” Papa asked kindly.

The rabbit kept on staring at Papa.

Then he tried to get up.

However he looked too weak to get up.

“Charlie go and bring some water” Papa said to Charlie.

Charlie started running towards home.

“No, bring from the grocery filter” Papa said.

Charlie dashed into the grocery.