Street lights

Sunday 8th of July 2018

Street-lights-NEWW 2

The people in the lane heaved a sigh of relief.

“Finally it’s happening” Tara’s mother said.

It was Tarun who brought the news.

The Electricity Board employees were replacing the bulbs.

“If they had done it earlier the incident would have been avoided” Tarun pointed out.

Their neighbour Mr. Gunasekara has been mugged.

It had happened the previous night.

An unknown person had mugged him and taken away his wallet.

The main road street lights at the junction were not working.

As a result the area looked very dark in the night.

People have been making requests to the Electricity Board to replace the lights.

However nothing had been done.

After the robbery Tara’s father went with Mr. Gunasekara to the police station.

They lodged a complaint there.

This morning Tara’s father went to Electricity Board with a copy of the police entry.

A few hours later Electricity Board employees had come to the junction to change the bulbs.

Tarun’s friend Nipun came to their house.

“Thanks to your father we have got lights back” he said smiling.

“Yes but if the board acted earlier poor Mr. Gunasekara would not have suffered” Tarun reminded.



Why did the people in the lane heave a sigh of relief?

What happened to Mr. Gunasekara the previous night?

What happened after Tara’s father went to the Electricity Board with the entry copy?