Sunday 24th of December 2017
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Tarun was feeling a little bored.

He left home to visit his neighbour Nipun.

By the time he went there were some visitors.

Tarun wanted to return.

However Nipun insisted that he must remain.

The visitors happened to be Nipun’s relations.

They had been staying there for a few days.

Among them was Nipun’s cousin, a little girl.

 “She calls everyone ‘you silly’ Nipun warned Tarun.

Nipun and Tarun entered the garden.

The little cousin hit behind a tree and watched them.

Both Nipun and Tarun noticed her.

However they pretended they didn’t.

Tarun wanted to try a trick.

“Nipun, do you know how to identify a bad child” asked Tarun. 

Nipun shook his head.

“A bad child uses the word silly often” Tarun said aloud.

“Bad children call others, you silly” he added.

It’s with difficulty that Nipun suppressed his smile.

“Is that little cousin of yours a bad girl?” Tarun asked.

“No no, she is a good girl” Nipun answered.

“If she calls you silly then she is a bad girl” Tarun reiterated.

After that the two boys started talking about the holidays.

They saw the little girl heading home.

The next day Nipun visited Tarun’s home.

“Tarun, you are marvelous” Nipun said.

“Why?” a surprised Tarun inquired.

“My cousin has stopped using the word silly” Nipun said with a smile.

“That’s after your talk” he reminded.

Tarun had completely forgotten that episode.

However he was glad that Nipun’s cousin stopped using the word silly.

He smiled broadly.



Why did Tarun want to return home from Nipun’s?

What did the little girl do when Tarun and Nipun went to the garden?

What did Nipun tell Tarun when he visited Tarun the next day?