Lessons through photography

Sunday 17th of December 2017
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Everyone at home was getting ready to leave.

It was the day for Tara’s uncle’s exhibition.

Uncle Shalitha is a nature photographer.

This is the second time he is having an exhibition.

Uncle welcomed them at the entrance of the exhibition hall.

The hall was full of enlarged photos of animals.

There was a big photo of an elephant.

Both Tara and Tarun kept looking at the elephant.

The elephant had very small kind eyes.

“He looks very kind” Tara told her uncle.

“Yes he was very kind” uncle told her.

There was a beautiful photo of a herd of elephants.

The herd had two baby elephants.

They were being protected by the adult elephants.

Next to that was a photograph of a bird’s nest.

It had a yellow mother bird and her three tiny chicks.

“Oh they are very sweet” Tara’s mother commented.

“Look at this one” father called them.

Before him was a photo of a monkey mother.

She was rocking her baby.

“Oh just like a human mother” an excited Tara said.

“Animals love their babies just like we do” uncle explained.

Even after returning home Tara was thinking about the exhibition.

“I hope more people would see the exhibition” father commented.

“At least then they would be kind towards animals” he added.

Tara thought the same.

She was glad that her uncle had taken those lovely photos.

She hoped that people would be more kind towards animals after seeing them.



What was the family getting ready to go for?

Who were protecting the baby elephants in the photo?

Why did Tara’s father hope that more people would see the exhibition?