Roses and thorns

Sunday 26th of November 2017
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Anjula walked into the class just before the bell.

“Do you know what happened to me yesterday?” she asked.

Tara and Amanda shook their heads.

“I slipped and fell on a rose bush” she said.

“Oh…” said a horrified Tara and Amanda.

They knew it was horrible to fall on the thorns.

“The thorns must have hurt you a lot” Tara said compassionately.

“Yeah” said Anjula recounting the incident.

She had been playing hide and seek with her cousins.

The ground had been wet due to previous day’s rain.

It had been slippery.

Anjula had slipped while taking a turn.

She had lost balance and fallen on the rose bush.

She showed the scratch marks to Tara and Amanda.

“Poor you” said Tara.

“Don’t know why that plant with such beautiful flowers should also have thorns” she said.

“That’s the thing” Amanda too agreed.

“My grandmother always says we girls shouldn’t be like rose plants” she said.

Anjula and Tara looked at Amanda curiously.

“Grandma says spikes are similar to unkindness” Amanda explained.

“She says even if you are pretty like a rose no one will like you if you are unkind” she added.

Anjula and Tara smiled.

That’s a good comparison, they both thought.

“Yes there’s no point in being pretty if the individual is mean” Tara said.

“If the rose bush didn’t have unkind thorns I would not have got hurt” Anjula drew the comparison.

Tara and Amanda nodded their heads in agreement.



What had Anjula fallen on the day before?

What was the reason for the fall?

What had Amanda’s grandmother likened thorns to?