When poetry starts flowing

Sunday 19th of November 2017
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Poetry starts 4

The day’s activities were over.

The other scouts were nowhere to be seen.

Tarun walked towards the river.

He sat on the river bank.

The water was flowing slowly.

It was crystal clear.

He kept staring at the water.

Small white clouds glided past the blue sky.

There was silence everywhere except the gurgling of water.

Tarun was so overwhelmed by the experience.

He returned to the tent and emerged with his note book and pen.

He started scribbling down whatever came into his mind.

Tarun wrote about everything he saw; river, mountains and silence.

Reading through what he wrote he found the lines to be so poetic.

Traun was amazed.

He started polishing up what he wrote.

It turned out to be a beautiful poem.

He titled it “Silence”.

In the meantime Tarun’s friend Nihkil had been looking for him.

Finally he saw Tarun on the river bank.

Nikhil walked up to him.

He noted that Tarun had been writing something.

“What’s that?” Nikhil asked.

Tarun blushed.

“I wrote a poem” he said quietly.

Nikhil couldn’t believe it.

“Let me read it” he said taking the paper from Tarun with a big smile.

He ran his eyes through the lines.

His face changed.

“This is super, you should write more” Nikhil said.

“It’s the beautiful surroundings” Tarun said.

“It inspired me to write” he told his friend.

“It’s amazing what nature can do to us’ Nikhil agreed.

Both friends remained at the bank for some time.

After that they walked back to the tent.



How did the sky look when Tarun shifted his focus on it?

What did Tarun find when reading through the lines he wrote?

According to Tarun what inspired him to write the poem?