Tarun’s Shame

Sunday 12th of November 2017
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Tarun’s shame 5

Tarun was in a fix.

He has been asked to scrape coconut.

The coconut was for the curries.

Nikhil was to prepare the curries.

Tarun and fellow scouts were camping in Kandy.

They arrived in the afternoon.

Their master had reached the previous day.

The boys had lunch on the way.

On arrival in Kandy they rested a little.

“Time to prepare dinner” the senior scout leader Charan said.

“Nikhil you do the curries, Tarun scrape the coconut” he gave orders.

“Savan, you do rice and others help put up tents” Charan added.

Nikhil start cutting vegetables.

Savan put the rice to a bowl to be washed.

Tarun was fiddling.

“Why, don’t know how to scrape coconut?” Nikhil asked.

Tarun blushed.

Nikhil shook his head in disbelief.

“If master or leader gets to know you are done for” Savan said smiling.

Master had told the scouts to learn all kitchen skills.

Tarun hates coconut scraping.

So he never learnt it.

Nikhil thought for a while.

“Clean and cut these beans and carrots” he told Tarun.

Nikhil started scraping coconut.

After a few minutes leader Charan came that way.

He watched the three boys getting the dinner ready.

Fortunately Charan had forgotten the order he gave Tarun.

Charan left them after a while.  

“You are lucky today” Savan told Tarun after he left.

“This is the last time I scraped coconut for you” Nikhil said firmly.

“These are life skills” he said like a grown up.

“Tarun you better learn soon otherwise you are going to get an earful from master” Savan reminded.

“Even otherwise you never know when you need a skill” Nikhil reminded.

Tarun nodded his head in agreement.



  1. What did scout leader ask Tarun to do?
  2. Why did Savan say that Tarun was lucky that day?
  3. What did Nikhil finally say about skills?