Saying NO

Sunday 29th of October 2017
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Saying NO 2

The school van arrived a little late that day.

Tara ran towards her class when the van stopped near the gate.

As she got closer to her class Tara heard a voice.

“Tara, Tara”

Tara looked back.

It was Mayumi, a girl who comes in her van.

“Can you give these books to Neha in that corner class” she requested.

“Neha’s class is closer to yours than mine” she added.

Tara was surprised.

She knows Neha.

However Neha’s class is a little beyond Tara’s.

The first bell had already rung.

It’s time for the second bell.

The first period is Maths.

The teacher comes to class immediately after the second bell.

So she had to be in class by the second bell.

Tara doesn’t like to say no to people.

She does not like to disappoint anybody.

However Tara realized she had to explain her position today.

She picked up courage.

“So sorry Mayumi, I don’t think I can do it now” Tara said kindly.

Mayumi’s face changed.

Tara felt a little guilty.

“Our Maths teacher comes immediately after the second bell” Tara explained.

“You know Mrs. Jayasuriya is very particular on punctuality” Tara added.

 “Oh Mrs. Jayasuriya, she is tough, isn’t she?” queried Mayumi to Tara’s surprise.

“Then you go, I will give the books to Neha during the interval” Mayumi said.

Tara was elated.

She was so glad that Mayumi understood her plight.

Tara realized that it’s ok to say no when the situation demanded.



What did Mayumi ask from Tara?

Why was it important to Tara to be in class by the time of second bell?

What made Tara be glad?