Sunday 15th of October 2017
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Sandpiper 1

Tara was in her room.

She was organizing her table.

Tarun, her brother, entered the room suddenly.

“Tara, come here to show you something” he said.

Tara jumped up from the chair.

She ran behind her brother.

“Sh…..don’t make a noise” Tarun cautioned.

Once they reached the verandah he pointed his finger at the garden.

“Look, there” he told his little sister.

Tara was pleasantly surprised by what she saw.

A sandpiper was on their birdfeed.

It was eating rice.

A wide-eyed Tara kept staring at the water bird.

“They usually eat fish” Tarun started explaining.

“The canal has run dry in many places, so there’s no fish” he added.

There’s a marsh behind the house next to Tara’s.

There was a clean canal that ran through that.

It was connected to a nearby reservoir.

However the canal had been neglected for a long time.

There’s hardly any water there now.

“How good we keep food in the feed” Tara said.

“Yes now he will be a regular here” Tarun said.

Tara smiled.

“Oh that would be lovely” Tara replied.

She looked forward to see the long legged bird everyday.



Where was the sandpiper when Tara saw it?

Why did the canal run dry?

For what did Tara look forward to?