Children Without Shoes

Wednesday 4th of October 2017
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Children without shoes 3

It was a Sunday.

Tara and father were visiting her grandparents.

This was their third day in the village.

Tara went near the picket fence.

Her grandmother was there.

Two girls were walking down the pathway.

They smiled at grandmother.

Then they noticed Tara.

They smiled with her as well.

Tara smiled back broadly.

To her surprise Tara noticed that the girls weren’t wearing shoes.

They wore rubber slippers.

Tara wondered why the girls were going to school on Sunday.

“Those children have extra classes in school” grandmother said.

“Don’t they have shoes grandma?” Tara asked grandmother.

Grandma smiled.

“No. Those are very poor children” she said.

“I don’t think they have even had breakfast” she added.

Tara was shocked.

Tara went looking for her father.

She told him about the girls without shoes.

“Can you buy some shoes for them Thaththa?” she asked.

Father thought for a while.

“Who are those children Amma” he asked grandmother.

“That’s Wilson’s grandchildren” said grandmother.

“Wilson’s son fell from a coconut tree. He is bedridden now” she added.

“Ok I will leave the money with grandma” he promised.

Grandmother stroked Tara’s head.

“I have a very caring granddaughter” she said smiling.

Tara was so happy.



Who walked down the pathway?

What surprised Tara?

What did Tara want her father to do?