Being Positive

Sunday 1st of October 2017
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Being positive 3


Tarun was so upset.

So were his classmates.

They were all looking forward to the match.

Everything has changed all of a sudden.

Pavan, their classmate isn’t playing in the basketball match.

The master has given his place in the team to a new boy.

The match is just two weeks from now.

It’s with their archrival St. Stephen’s College.

 “What’s that new one’s name?” Aditya asked Savan.

“Akhilesh” replied Savan.

“Actually I don’t mind us losing this match” Aditya said angrily.

“I feel so sorry for Pavan” Tarun too joined the conversation.

 “Pavan must be upset” he said.

Tarun’s friend Nikhil overheard the conversation.

“Pavan isn’t the type to be easily disheartened” he reminded.

Everyone looked glum.

A little later Pavan entered the class.

To everyone’s surprise he came with the new boy Akhilesh.

His classmates were dumbstruck.

Pavan introduced Akilesh to his friends.

“This is Akhilesh our new Shooting Guard in team” he told his friends.

Akhilesh was a little shy.

“I am sure I have disappointed you” Akilesh told everyone.

“You would have wanted Pavan to play” he said.

Pavan shot him down.

“Don’t be crazy. You play ten times better than me” Pavan reminded Akhil.

“Master was very right in giving you my place” Pavan emphasized.

“We are going to beat the Stephens this time” he said cheerfully.

Everyone looked at Pavan with awe.

Tarun wished that he too could be as positive as Pavan.

“However you owe us a treat Akhil” he said lightheartedly.

“Sure, let’s go to the canteen and have some ice cream” Akhil invited everyone.

They all headed towards the canteen.



Why was everyone upset?

What did Nikhil say about Pavan?

What did Tarun wish?