Milk for the Calf

Wednesday 27th of September 2017
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Milk for the calf 3

Tara went to the cowshed.

The helper was milking the big cow.

The milk pail was filling.

Tara was at her grandfather’s.

Tara and her father arrived there the previous day.

Mother and her brother stayed in Colombo.

Grandmother was preparing breakfast.

So Tara thought of going to the cowshed.

She loved to watch the cows being milked.

The milk pail was filled to the brim.

There was plenty of milk.

Grandfather’s helper Pala smiled at Tara.

“A lot of milk” Tara said looking at the pail.

“Yes, but there’s more” Pala said.

Tara looked at him in disbelief.

Pala kept the pail in a corner.

Then he went towards the calf.

The tiny calf was mooing loud.

Pala untied the calf.

The little one ran towards its mother.

It started sucking for milk non-stop.

Tara smiled.


“You left milk for the calf’ she asked turning towards Pala.

“Yes he should have his share” Pala said smiling.

He picked up the milk pail and went into the house.

Tara kept staring at the calf.

It drank milk for a long time.

Tara was so happy that Pala had left milk for the calf.



What was the helper doing when Tara went to the cowshed?

What was the calf doing when Pala went up to him?

What made Tara happy?