Anjula’s Antics

Wednesday 20th of September 2017
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Anjula’s antics 2

Tara returned to the class from the canteen.

She saw something funny when she entered.

Tara’s friend Anjula was dancing.

Tara was both amused and surprised.

“Anju has learned it from her cousin,” Amanda told Tara.

Tara kept looking at Anjula.

She was twisting and turning.

Although it was difficult Anjula danced well.

“She had practiced it throughout the holidays,” Amanda added.

The bell for the next period rang.

Slowly the classmates returned to their seats.

Still they all looked very excited.

The English teacher entered the class.

“What’s going on?” the friendly teacher asked.

“Anjula danced,” Shalini a friend of Anjula responded.

“Oh I didn’t know that Anjula is a dancer,” said the amused teacher.

The teacher didn’t start a new lesson that day.

Instead she gave questions from last term’s lessons.

Amanda and Tara answered questions well.

Anjula got only three answers right.

She was disturbed.

“If you devoted equal time for books and dance you would have fared better,” the teacher told Anjula.

 “You should enjoy your holidays,” she went on explaining.

“However one should not forget lessons,” the teacher emphasized.

Tara knew what she said was so true.

She was glad that she revised the lessons during holidays.



What did Tara see when she entered the classroom?

What did the teacher do instead of starting a new lesson?

Why was Tara glad?