Wednesday 19th of April 2017

Safety 3

The gate bell rang.

Amma was having a shower.

Tara went looking for her brother.

"Aiya, the gate bell is ringing. Amma is having a shower!" she informed Tarun.

He was busy fixing his bicycle handle.

The gate bell rang for the second time.

"I am busy" said Tarun.

Tara went towards the gate.

Amma had asked her not to open the gate.

Only Amma, Thaththa and Tarun were supposed to do that.

However, Tara saw no choice today. She opened the gate.

A stranger smiled at her.

He had some handmade toys in his hand.

"Would you like to buy this cart?" he asked.

Tara did not say anything.

"Are any of your parents at home?" he asked, smiling.

"Amma is at home" she told the stranger.

"Shall I come in then?" he asked.

Suddenly, she heard Amma’s voice.

"Tara, what are you doing?" asked Amma, almost running towards the gate.

She grabbed Tara’s hand.

"Sorry, we do not want any toys!" Amma told the stranger as she closed the gate.

Amma looked at Tara. She was angry and upset!

"Aiya refused to come. The bell rang twice, so I decided to open the gate" said Tara, looking


"No Tara, that’s not an excuse. You should never have opened the gate!" insisted Amma.

Amma explained that Tara could run the risk of being pushed by a stranger who would have tried

to enter the house.

"Or one may have pulled you into a vehicle!" she pointed out.

Tara realized the gravity of what she had done.

Tarun too got an earful from Amma!

"I never thought she would open the gate" he said as an excuse.

"Nothing would have happened if you opened it" said Amma.

It was a good lesson for both Tara and Tarun.


What was Tarun doing when the gate bell rang?

What did the stranger ask Tara first?

What was the excuse provided by Tarun?